Trivia Night is back!!! For our 3rd Trivia Fundraiser, we have decided to have even more fun and spread greater awareness of our mission throughout our amazing community by having a new pledge trivia event! Scott Mumford is back producing the event and the show will be held on November 9th, 2017 at the Rotterdam Elks Lodge! We will test your knowledge and give you an opportunity to score up to 100 points within a challenging interactive media quiz, all while raising money for the YWCA with EVERY POINT your team earns!


  • Create a team of up to 8 players and register by downloading the form below and emailing, mailing, or dropping it off at the YWCA.
  • Get the Pledge Forms! They are available below, on our facebook event page, by emailing Kerrie (, or at the front desk of the YWCA.
  • There is NO COST to you to register or play! All we require is at LEAST five [5] collected pledges per player! You can ask people to pledge a small amount of money per point that your team scores. They are also welcome to make a flat donation.
    • How do pledges work?! Well, with a maximum amount of 100 points for the game, it will be easy to figure out:
      • For example: A team player enrolls a person to pledge an amount of $0.25 per point. With a 100-point game, the maximum that pledge could be is $25.00 (if the team scored a perfect 100). Game time comes and the team earns a total of 84 points. That pledge is now worth $21.00 officially, because [0.25 X 84 = 21]. The sponsor may now go online, find their team’s total and pay online. Simple!
  • Of course, the more pledges you collect, the more funding we raise! PRIZES (and recognition) will be given to both the PLAYER with the highest total amount raised, and the TEAM with the most funding raised!
  • Please copy and turn in pledge forms by 11/1/17. Late pledges WILL be accepted up to game day!
  • All money is due by 11/15/17. People who pledge to you can visit this page for your team’s score and a link to make a payment, write a check (made payable to YWCA NorthEastern NY), or give you cash. Scores will be posted on 11/10/17.

Are you ready to get out there, get those pledges and donations, & most importantly, to have fun?!?!

Click HERE (doc) or HERE (pdf) for Registration Form.
Click HERE for Pledge Form (pdf).
Click HERE for Pledge Receipts (pdf).
Click HERE for Sponsorship Opportunities (pdf).
Click HERE (pdf) or HERE (jpeg) for Event Flyer.
Click HERE for the Facebook Event Page.

Questions? See below for FAQ. Or email Kerrie at or call 518.374.3394 ext. 123.


Q – What if someone doesn’t want to pledge but just give a fixed donation?
A – We welcome all donations! A pledge sponsor may write a fixed donation check on the spot or go online and donate. Just be sure they write your name and trivia team name in the memo so we can count it! Please include fixed donations on your pledge forms! Fixed donations count as a pledge.

Q – Can one person make multiple pledges?
A – Of course! But pledges for game entry must be different people. Also, remember, prizes are for most funding raised per player and per team, not number of individual pledges.

Q – Can I donate even if I don’t know any player or team?
A – Of course! Whether online or by check, please send your donation with the memo “General Trivia donation”. Thank you for your support!

Q – Can I collect pledges even if I don’t want to play?
A – Of course! Simply download a Pledge Form & collect away! Pledge-per-point donations will be based on the winning team’s score. Thank you!

Q – What do I do if I run out of space on my pledge form/Need another form?
A – Nice job! Make a copy and bring it to the YWCA and grab or print another form to continue getting pledges if you wish!

Q – When do we turn our pledge forms in to the YWCA?
A – The deadline to turn in pledge forms is 11/1/17. Please be sure to keep a copy for yourself so you can follow up with your sponsors.

Q – Are players responsible to collect the pledge donations after the game is over?
A – We would greatly appreciate any help in collecting any traditional payments. We have limited resources which is why we are offering to take online payments, but if there are any payments that need to be picked up, we ask if the players would please do so. Just let us know if there is any trouble with collecting. Thank you!

Q – When are pledge donation payments due?
A – All pledges/donations are to be submitted or collected by 11/15/17.